The kitsch as quality

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Ataturk University, Güzel Sanatlar Enstitüsü, Resim Anasanat Dalı, Turkey

Approval Date: 2016

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Fatih SOLMAZ

Consultant: Fevziye Eyigör Pelikoğlu


Modernity that caused radical changes in art, is the basis for many problematics that was caused by artist, art and receptive relations. From the receptive factor to massive taste, from the original structure to products that are unreal however looks like real, 'Kitsch' is a phenomenon that emerges to us with a basis out of those products and it is important in terms of consumption of art. Within this framework, in the thesis named "The Kitsch as Quality", it is inevitable to argue 'Kitsch' that is an obligation for the artists in their production process and necessary for the consumption in art reception. Narrowing the domain of the meta value of produced products by questioning their artistic value; making kitsch more than a necessity by developing receptive awareness and defending the idea of artist subjectivity in the framework of artistic ethics is the basis, skeleton and the aspect of this research. With the guidance of observed data, 'Kitsch', goes against being a problem but is a practical solution search to socio-cultural dynamics and economical politics function of art. Theorically, 'Kitsch' is likely to be discussed as an ethical-esthetical problem between upper art and lower admiration…