Neo expresionism in Turkish painting

Thesis Type: Postgraduate

Institution Of The Thesis: Ataturk University, Güzel Sanatlar Enstitüsü, Resim Anasanat Dalı, Turkey

Approval Date: 2006

Thesis Language: Turkish

Student: Alparslan BUDAK

Consultant: Fevziye Eyigör Pelikoğlu


It’s according  to art  historians it’s name is which has been alighted it’s 1900’s if equal comes to year heads expressionism it’s  an individiual a center that it’s takes essential with conventional is actually their origin is past it is my becoming which is thrust  It’s effects are nevermore and while becoming intense at our country was been  felt the it has rubbed to our day. Expressionism after 1945 ‘s abstrast expressionism 1980’s it is in the years ‘new’ it is while taking additional   new expressionism its name is in the gold us out cause result set up its relation,  among similarity and differences scutinise it is adapted and do not apply it front  it angle expressionism activities it is  nevermore  and it  is at our country to be per4ceived obverse and all these it is general covered an area  is while becoming new expressionism  it is a Turk to scrutinise official has become this main quick aim it Works.

His the modern art advance courier is from its  currents one it expressionism course in 20 century if the eye classified while becoming three periods whose it took, your individual is consequently it is expression you  do not do can be spread to all times while becoming pratical. Expressionism is peculiar to century one quality are set from truth it becoming paralel to the developments changing/transformation it lives and it neactive  while is welcomed while becoming natural that it takes offence the hand Because, the reaction is the truth which does not valuable ,the appear and it is reasons continuonus valuable.

As this determined, modern at it claim you do not become world’s piece together show it this desire our country which works  the location which it existed becomes reflected inside while becoming , expressionism it’s importance  it’s desine has been heard. Contemporaneous Turk is from official main tendencies one it is expressionism,it is new expressionism practitioner is the sources which it becomes our artists on has  been written at your coherence to not compare with it’s western art less than affect middle a thesis subject’s importance. While becoming to your artist candidates and work is scientific and it provides artistic contribution become wish.