International Symposium on Yunus Emre and from Past to Today Turkic Languages

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Çakmak S. (Executive), Daşdemir M., Efendioğlu S., Kara F., Mert O., Dinç S., et al.

Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2021 - 2021

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions
  • Begin Date: March 2021
  • End Date: September 2021

Project Abstract

Presidential circular published in the Official Gazette dated January 30, 2021 and numbered 31380
and Yunus Emre as a common value to the world humanity, and
commemorating 2021 as "Our Yunus" to remind our country once again,
Emphasizing the importance of Turkish, the legacy of Yunus Emre, with its identity as the language of civilization
In order to ensure its conscious and correct use, it is known as "World Language Turkish".
and it was decided to organize a campaign abroad. In accordance with this circular
Turkish language, especially the language used by Yunus Emre in his poems, from the past to the present.
All languages ​​used in both written and spoken language in a very wide geography.
in order to share international knowledge about the linguistic aspects of dialects and dialects.
A symposium will be held. Within the framework of this goal, Yunus Emre used in his works.
Spelling, sound, and dialects of historical and contemporary Turkish languages, dialects and dialects, especially language,
Papers dealing with linguistic aspects such as shape, vocabulary and syntax will be presented. First time
This symposium will be held online. As a result of the symposium
international studies on both Yunus Emre and historical and contemporary Turkish languages.
discoveries, research, evaluations and current information among scientists
In addition to sharing and discussing, all of these will be recorded in the proceedings book to be published.
It is expected to be received and shared with the public.