Shallow-Geothermal Sourced Low-Temperature District Heating (S-GeoHeat)

Çakıcı F. Z. (Executive)

EU Supported Other Project, 2022 - 2025

  • Project Type: EU Supported Other Project
  • Begin Date: December 2022
  • End Date: November 2025

Project Abstract

Publishable summary of the project

This project focuses mainly on the direct utilization of shallow-geothermal energy sources via 4G low-temperature District Heating (DH) systems (without use of ground source heat pump units). Technical and economic analyses are planned to be carried out for two case studies having geothermal sources, one at the temperature level of 53 – 56 °C with a flow rate of 155.5 l/s and the other at 28 – 38 °C with a flow rate of 91 l/s (respectively, located in Havza and Ladik, Samsun, Turkey). The latter is to be heated to a higher temperature (up to 55 °C) by integrating industrial excess heat from a nearby cement factory. The key activities will base on building retrofitting strategies to be considered with smart control and blockchain-based performance measures of the indoor heating systems together with the optimal operation of the DH system and the heat production site. Accordingly, the developed and demonstrated solutions through the course of the project will pave the way for wide-scale application of the direct and digitalized use of shallow low-grade geothermal sources by means of low-temperature DH systems.