Examining the Effect of Using Short Films on Visual Reading Skills


International Journal of Education & Literacy Studies IJELS, vol.9, no.4, pp.257-270, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of using short films in Turkish lesson on visual 
reading skills of 7
th graders. Mixed methods design was utilized. The quantitative part of the study 
was formed by an experimental pattern with pretest-post-test control group, and the qualitative 

part was a case study consisting of observation and interview processes. The participants of the 

study were 46 7
th graders from a public secondary school in Erzurum, Turkey. In the quantitative 
part of the study, the achievement test was used as a data collection instrument. In the qualitative 

part, observation and interview forms were used for data collection. Descriptive analysis studies 

were conducted for pre and post test scores in data analysis. As a result of the analysis of the  

data obtained from the quantitative and qualitative data collection tools, the use of short films in 

Turkish lessons increased the students’ interest, participation, success, and sensitivity towards  

their environment; it was found that it improved the visual reading skills significantly, at a 

high impact level and permanently.  At the end of the research, it was concluded that the use  

of short films in Turkish lesson was effective in the formation of a fun classroom environment, 

active participation of students in the lesson, gaining awareness and sensitivity towards their  

environment, and improving their visual reading skills significantly and permanently.