Local Governments and Evaluation of Local Governance Tools in The Context of The Governance Approach

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Karataş A.

Social Mentality and Researcher Thinkers Journal, vol.6, no.39, pp.2663-2674, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The governance approach, which has serious reform proposals in public administration, has very critical principles such as transparency, accountability, rule of law, and participation. Depending on such principles, countries have been involved in various public reform movements in recent years. As a matter of fact, this situation is triggered by the fact that the quality of governance is regularly measured by the World Bank every year and this is displayed as a kind of trust in the political and legal structure of the country. Countries that report more positively than these evaluations are considered to be in a good position in terms of democracy and human rights. On the other hand, the fact that governance gives importance to localization, localization in service or delegation of authority shows that governance is not an issue that only concerns the central administration. Therefore, governance local governments are also a closely related issue. Accordingly, the reflection of the governance approach in local governments is called local governance. Local governance is an approach that suggests that actors other than public institutions should actively participate in decision-making processes at local level.

Within the scope of this study, it is argued that local governance is emphasized and that the way to achieve good governance at national or international level starts with local governance. In other words, the active implementation of local governance will indirectly lead to an improvement in good governance indicators across the country. For this reason, it is evaluated what tools are used for the more active implementation of local governance and how they can be used more actively. It is thought that serious improvements can be seen in governance indicators if the evaluations made are put into practice.

Keywords: Governance, Local Governments, Local Governance, Democracy