Advanced Functional Materials and Surfaces Research Group

Welcome to Advanced Functional Materials and Surfaces Research Group (AFMS) page. AFMS was established in 1995 and it focuses on determining the properties of new generation materials (structural, morphological, mechanical, electrochemical, tribological etc.), improving the surface properties of existing engineering materials with different techniques (mechanical, chemical, electrochemical surface treatment etc.), determining the performance of orthopedic biomedical materials and devices and carries out studies on development and new generation production methods (additive manufacturing).

As a result of the studies of the research group, many national and international articles, papers, patents etc. studies have been published. In addition, within the scope of national and international studies, many TÜBİTAK, BOREN, EU and BAP supported projects have been completed so far. AFMS especially focuses on studies in the field of defense industry and biomedical in recent years and in this context, it carries out projects and studies within the scope of university-industry cooperation. For detailed information, please visit the Studies page.

Please contact us if you want to cooperate or join our research group.

Recent Publications