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In 1997, the "Functional Surface Technologies R&D Group" started to grow with a project supported by the Ministry of National Defense - Undersecretariat of Defense Industries and the establishment of the "Surface Technologies R&D Laboratory" with advanced vacuum technologies used in its infrastructure. As of the establishment of the R&D Laboratory, advanced plasma vacuum coating technologies (using; dc,  pulsed-dc and HiPIMS power supply) and surface characterization equipment are among the first in Turkey, and it has reached important technological machinery, equipment and know-how in the field of surface engineering.

With the support of national and international projects, the Surface Technologies R&D Laboratory increases laboratory facilities, offers advanced technological systems to researchers, and makes significant contributions to developments in science and technology.

Surface Technologies R&D Laboratory with its advanced infrastructure and well-trained scientists; It is the only place where R&D and P&D activities are carried out for the technological and industrial applications of functional coatings. CFUBMS (PLASMAG-550 model, integrated; dc, Pulsed-dc, and HiPIMS hibrit system), which enables the coating of many medium and small sized products, is also considered as an important advantage, and the application of process parameters optimized at the laboratory scale to the product within the same system. The R&D lab also has the popular micro arc coating system as the oxide surfacing process. Projects currently being carried out; Development of Ti-Zr-Nb doped BCN-based functional coatings and c-BN-based BN thin-film coatings for high temperature applications.