Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research Group

Plants are a very important source of many products considered useful for human bodies. Many plant species are used as a source of treatment for various disorders, so these plants are also known as Medicinal and Aromatic plants. Plants have been used since ancient times of all civilizations and cultures, mostly as home remedies for treating seasonal flu viruses, cough, cold, stomachache, sore throat, and headaches. Besides, the aromatic plants are still used in making perfumes, because of their pleasant-smelling flowers, in cooking because of their strong flavors, and in liquor industries. At the present, there are used many herbal treatments that are becoming very popular in society because of their efficiency and fewer side effects. Of course, the medicinal and aromatic plants are less expensive, more available, and have the potential to control disorders. The use of these plants is also a potential material for maintaining good health and conditions, not only for a remedy for specific diseases. Of course, the role of medicinal and aromatic plants in the national economy is also enormous.  The objective of this group is to select, evaluate, cultivate and breed medicinal and aromatic plant varieties, economically valuable.