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I was born in Erzurum on the 23th September of 1963.  I completed my primary education in Vali Hafız Paşa İlkokulu, my secondary education in Şair Nef'i Ortaokulu and Nenehatun Kız Lisesi. I started to study in the department of English Teaching, Atatürk University in 1981. I graduated in1987. After my graduation, I worked in Yapı Kredi Bank for three months. Then, in 1988, I won the exam arranged by the university and started to work in the rectorship of Atatürk University a a lecturer. Since 1992 I have been teaching the lessons such as Grammar, Main Course, Writing, Reading Compherension, Translation, Listening and Speaking in the preparatory classes within the body of School of Foreign Languages as well as English lesson in the different faculties. In addition, for about a year, I have been translating for our university's website. I have been going on my work as a teaching assistant in the way our government considered appropriate.  


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