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Articles Published in Journals That Entered SCI, SSCI and AHCI Indexes

Evaluation of a Turkish Lignite Coal Cleaning by Conventional and Enhanced Gravity Separation Techniques

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COAL PREPARATION AND UTILIZATION, vol.1, pp.1-15, 2016 (Journal Indexed in SCI Expanded) Sustainable Development

Inhibition of acid mine drainage and immobilization of heavy metals from copper flotation tailings using a marble cutting waste

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MINERALS METALLURGY AND MATERIALS, vol.23, no.1, pp.1-6, 2016 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

Pyritic Tailings as a Source of Plant Micronutrients in Calcareous Soils

Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, vol.46, no.12, pp.1473-1481, 2015 (Journal Indexed in SCI Expanded) identifier identifier

Use of waste pyrite as an alternative to gypsum for alkaline soil amelioration

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MINING RECLAMATION AND ENVIRONMENT, vol.29, no.3, pp.169-177, 2015 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

The effects of marble wastes on soil properties and hazelnut yield

JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, vol.81, pp.146-149, 2014 (Journal Indexed in SCI) Sustainable Development identifier identifier

Hazardous elements in soil and coal from the Oltu coal mine district, Turkey

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COAL GEOLOGY, vol.131, pp.1-6, 2014 (Journal Indexed in SCI) Sustainable Development identifier identifier

Using marble wastes as a soil amendment for acidic soil neutralization

JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, vol.133, pp.374-377, 2014 (Journal Indexed in SCI) Sustainable Development identifier identifier identifier


PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROBLEMS OF MINERAL PROCESSING, vol.50, no.2, pp.693-704, 2014 (Journal Indexed in SCI) identifier identifier

Refereed Congress / Symposium Publications in Proceedings

Washability and Thermal Properties of Oltutaşı Wastes

International Mineral Processing Conference Eurasia, Antalya, Turkey, 31 October - 02 November 2019, pp.691-696

Use of marble wastes in soil remediation

25th International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey, 11 - 14 April 2017

Use of marble and pyritic wastes in soil remediaton

25th International Mining Congress of Turkey: New Trends in Mining, IMCET 2017, Antalya, Turkey, 11 - 14 April 2017, pp.340-346 Sustainable Development identifier

Use of Waste Pyrite from Mineral Processing Plants in Soil Remediation

International Congress on Natural and Engineering Science, 1 - 05 September 2016

Evaluation of Water Quality for the Kurtbogazi Dam Outlet and the Streams Feeding the Dam

17th International Conference on Water Resources and Wetlands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 24 - 25 November 2015, pp.1532-1537

Effects of copper mining waste applications on improvements of alkaline soil characteristics

5. International Scientific Agricultural Symposium, Jahorina, Bosnia And Herzegovina, 23 - 26 October 2014, pp.1-7

Site selection for coal preparation plant using Analytic Hierarchy Process Method in Mugla

30. International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, Beijing, China, 15 - 18 September 2013, pp.1-5 Sustainable Development

The effects of pyritic tailings on plant growth

International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Nevşehir, Turkey, 18 - 21 June 2013, pp.1-7

Decolorization of industrial synthetic dye using red mud with surface-immobilized laccase

6. International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research, Koblenz, Germany, 3 - 07 June 2013, pp.1-11

Atık piritlerin alkali toprak ıslahında kullanımı

3. Atık Yönetimi Sempozyumu, Antalya, Turkey, 14 - 18 April 2013, pp.1-6

Remediation of alkali soils with waste pyrite

22nd World Mining Congress and EXPO, İstanbul, Turkey, 11 - 16 September 2011, pp.1-8

Using waste pyrite as an amendment for calcareous soil

14th Balkan Mineral Processing Congress, Tuzla, Bosnia And Herzegovina, 14 - 16 June 2011, pp.1-4

Production of hematite concentrate from low grade hematite ores

13th Balkan Mineral Processing Congress, Bucharest, Romania, 14 - 17 June 2009, pp.1-4

Cevher zenginleştirme tesisi atık piritlerinin toprak ıslahında kullanılması

3. Madencilik ve Çevre Sempozyumu, Ankara, Turkey, 11 - 12 June 2009, pp.1-4

Use of waste pyrite in conditioning of alkali soils

11th International Mineral Processing Symposium, Antalya, Turkey, 21 - 23 October 2008, pp.1-5

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