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Washability and Thermal Properties of Oltutaşı Wastes

International Mineral Processing Conference Eurasia, Antalya, Turkey, 31 October - 02 November 2019, pp.691-696

Use of marble wastes in soil remediation

25th International Mining Congress and Exhibition of Turkey, 11 - 14 April 2017

Use of marble and pyritic wastes in soil remediaton

25th International Mining Congress of Turkey: New Trends in Mining, IMCET 2017, Antalya, Turkey, 11 - 14 April 2017, pp.340-346 Sustainable Development identifier

Use of Waste Pyrite from Mineral Processing Plants in Soil Remediation

International Congress on Natural and Engineering Science, 1 - 05 September 2016

Evaluation of Water Quality for the Kurtbogazi Dam Outlet and the Streams Feeding the Dam

17th International Conference on Water Resources and Wetlands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 24 - 25 November 2015, pp.1532-1537

Effects of copper mining waste applications on improvements of alkaline soil characteristics

5. International Scientific Agricultural Symposium, Jahorina, Bosnia And Herzegovina, 23 - 26 October 2014, pp.1-7

Site selection for coal preparation plant using Analytic Hierarchy Process Method in Mugla

30. International Pittsburgh Coal Conference, Beijing, China, 15 - 18 September 2013, pp.1-5 Sustainable Development

The effects of pyritic tailings on plant growth

International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Nevşehir, Turkey, 18 - 21 June 2013, pp.1-7

Decolorization of industrial synthetic dye using red mud with surface-immobilized laccase

6. International Conference on Water Resources and Environment Research, Koblenz, Germany, 3 - 07 June 2013, pp.1-11

Atık piritlerin alkali toprak ıslahında kullanımı

3. Atık Yönetimi Sempozyumu, Antalya, Turkey, 14 - 18 April 2013, pp.1-6

Remediation of alkali soils with waste pyrite

22nd World Mining Congress and EXPO, İstanbul, Turkey, 11 - 16 September 2011, pp.1-8

Using waste pyrite as an amendment for calcareous soil

14th Balkan Mineral Processing Congress, Tuzla, Bosnia And Herzegovina, 14 - 16 June 2011, pp.1-4

Production of hematite concentrate from low grade hematite ores

13th Balkan Mineral Processing Congress, Bucharest, Romania, 14 - 17 June 2009, pp.1-4

Cevher zenginleştirme tesisi atık piritlerinin toprak ıslahında kullanılması

3. Madencilik ve Çevre Sempozyumu, Ankara, Turkey, 11 - 12 June 2009, pp.1-4

Use of waste pyrite in conditioning of alkali soils

11th International Mineral Processing Symposium, Antalya, Turkey, 21 - 23 October 2008, pp.1-5

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