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Institutional Information: Edebiyat Fakültesi, Coğrafya, Türkiye Coğrafyası Anabilim Dalı
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Kenan ARINÇ was born on 1960 in Bitlis. He completed his primary education in Bitlis Central Revolution Primary School (1971) and his secondary education in Bitlis Secondary School and Bitlis High School (1977). After high school he served in Turkey Rural Services (YSE) and Real Estate Credit Bank.

He started his university education in 1980 and graduated from Atatürk University, Kazım Karabekir Education Faculty and Department of Geography Education in 1984.  By winning the exams, on 20.03.1985, Atatürk University, Science and Literature Faculty, Department of Geography started teaching as an instructor.

After completing his master's degree in 1987 and he took doctorate degree in Geography field (PhD) with the title of Geographical Survey of Bitlis River Basin in 1991. Later, Atatürk University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Geography, Turkey has been appointed as an assistant professor in the Department of Geography (1992).

Dr. Kenan ARINÇ, between 30.09.1994-01.06.1999 has been appointed as Chairman of the Department of Turkey Geography. He also served as the Head of the Department of Physical Geography at the same time (between 03.04.1995-06.06.1997). In addition, he worked as the Head of the Department of Geography between 03.04.1995-18.02.1998.

Dr. Kenan ARINÇ on 02.11.1998 took the title of associate professor in the Department of Turkey Geography. On 05.08.2004 he was appointed professor of Atatürk University, Faculty of Letters, Geography Department, Humanities and Economic Geography Department. Professor Dr. Kenan ARINÇ was appointed professor in the Department of Turkey Geography on 24.09.2012 in which was his main field of study.  Also from the date of 27.09.2012, has been appointed as Chairman of the Department of Turkey Geography.

Kenan ARINÇ, who has obtained the title of professor in two branches of geography science, is currently serving as a lecturer at Ataturk University. He is married and has three children.


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