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Education: Dr. Önder Metin recieved his B.Sc degree in Chemistry from Cukurova University in 2002, M.Sc degree in 2006 and Ph.D degree in 2010 at Department of Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Middle East Technical University. During his PhD studies, he studied as a TUBITAK research fellow at Department of Chemistry, Brown University (Rhode Island/USA) in 2009 and at Inorganic Chemistry Research Institute, Darmstadt Technical University in 2010. Next, he moved to Department of Chemistry, Atatürk University as an Assistant Professor in 2011. He then joined the research group of Prof. Shouheng Sun as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in 2012 for one year. After post-doctoral studies, he turned back to Atatürk University and promoted to the Associate Professor degree in 2013.


Awards&Honors:  Dr. Önder Metin has recieved numerous scientific awards and honors which of are selected; (i) Science Hero Association “The Young Scientist of the Year 2016” (ii) Science Academy “Outstanding Young Scientist Award”, 2017, (iii) Feyzi Akkaya Science Foundation (FABED), “Eser Tumen Outstanding Young Scientist Award”, 2015, (iv) The Prize Given for the Horizon-2020 Project Proposals Being above the Threshold of Consciousness, TUBITAK, 2015. (v) Turkish Academy of Sciences “The Highly Successful Young Scientists Award” (TÜBA-GEBİP), 2014. (vi) Middle East Technical University Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. PARLAR Education and Research Foundation Awards “Research Encouragement Award”, 2013, (vii) The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Fellow to attend “63rd Lindau Nobel Laurates Meeting”, Lindau, Germany, 2013, (viii) The Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, Brown University, (2012-2013), (ix) The 9th of Serhat ÖZYAR ‘Young Scientist of the Year Prize’, Middle East Technical University (2011).

Academic Performance: Dr. Önder Metin has published 60 scientific papers with the total citations more than 2700 and h-index= 26. He has delivered more than 38 talks in the national and international conferences, meetings and at different institutes. He is a member of Turkish Catalysis Society, Turkish Chemical Society and Chemists Society. 

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