General Information

Institutional Information: Mühendislik Fakültesi, Yazılım Mühendisliği, Yazılım Mühendisliği Anabilim Dalı
Research Areas: Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, Neural Networks, Software Engineering





After graduating from Erzurum İbrahim Hakkı Science High School, he completed his undergraduate education in Computer Engineering at Karadeniz Technical University. Throughout his education life, he took an active part in many projects in line with his undergraduate courses, internships and individual studies, and took care to improve himself and to progress in technical-theoretical terms. By trying to transfer the information he has acquired to his environment whenever he has the opportunity, he naturally developed his expressing and transferring skills, which are always admired and appreciated. After working in the private sector for about 2 years, he decided to continue her academic journey. He is currently working as a Research Assistant at Atatürk University, Engineering Faculty, Software Engineering Department, and continues his postgraduate studies at Atatürk University Computer Engineering Department. His dream in his academic journey is to be a real scientist and to move forward by staying in the light of science, humanity and the conscience that people should have, and to try to be a light to the society in this regard. It is among his beliefs, principles and aims to improve his existing talents day by day, to try to acquire new talents and knowledge, and to strive to be a useful individual for himself, his society and his country in this direction.