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Hasad Bitkisel Üretim , vol.28, pp.110-111, 2012 (Peer-Reviewed Journal) Creative Commons License

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Investigation of biologıcal control possibility of Colletotrıchum gloeosporioides (Penz) Penz & Sacc, using by bacterial biocontrol agents

1 st Bilsel International World Science and Research Congress 24/25 June, 2023, Istanbul/Turkey, İstanbul, Turkey, 24 June 2023, pp.306-307

Biological control of walnut brown apical necrosis disease in vitro conditions

International Conference on Food, Agriculture and Animal Sciences 27-29 April 2023, Sivas, TURKEY. ICOFAAS, Sivas, Turkey, 27 - 29 April 2023, no.1, pp.349-357 Creative Commons License Sustainable Development

Nematicidal Effects of some Bacterial and Fungal Entomopathogenic Agents on Meloidogyne incognita

3RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FOOD, AGRICULTURE AND ANIMAL SCIENCES , Erzurum, Turkey, 13 - 17 October 2021, pp.46 Sustainable Development

An Investigation of Biological Control Possibilities against Fusarium proliferatum (Matsush.) Nirenberg ex Gerlach Nirenberg, (1976) on Conic Red Pepper

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Food, Agriculture and AnimalSciences (ICOFAAS 2019), Antalya, Turkey, 8 - 11 November 2019, pp.91 Creative Commons License Sustainable Development

The Investigatıon of Biological Control Oppurtunities Against Gray Mold Causing Botrytis cinerea Pers:Fr in Eggplant

Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Food, Agriculture and AnimalSciences (ICOFAAS 2019), Antalya, Turkey, 8 - 11 November 2019, pp.90 Creative Commons License Sustainable Development

Determination of Chitinase Activity of Lactobacillus Coryniformis Obtained from Cheese and Its Effects on Alternaria Alternata

International Conferences on Science and Technology Natural Science and Technology ICONST NST 2019, Prizren, Kosovo, 26 - 30 August 2019, pp.22

Biological Control of Coniella granati Saccardo in Pomegranate.

International Conference On Food, Agriculture and Animal Sciences (ICOFAAS), Antalya, Turkey, 3 - 07 October 2018, pp.119 Creative Commons License

Effects of Different Nitrogen Forms on Yield and Yield Components of Potato

International Agricultural Science Congress, Van, Turkey, 9 - 12 May 2018, vol.1, pp.277

Biological Control of Botrytis cinerea and Alternaria alternata with Bioagent Bacteria and Fungi Under In Vitro Conditions

UMTEB -II2ND INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS ON VOCATIONAL AND TECHNICAL SCIENCES, Batumi, Georgia, 10 - 13 May 2018, pp.97 Creative Commons License

The Investigation of The Biological Control of Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keissl. (1912)

International Conference on Agriculture, Forest, Food Sciences and Technologies, Nevşehir, Turkey, 15 - 17 May 2017, pp.514 Creative Commons License

Screening of Trichoderma harzianum Rifai (1969) isolates of domestic plant origin against different fungal plant pathogens for use as biopestıcıde.

2nd International Conference on Advences in Natural and Applied Sciences (ICANAS), Antalya, Turkey, 18 - 21 April 2017, pp.187 Creative Commons License

Patates klonlarında stabilite analizi

IV. Ulusal Patates Kongresi, Niğde, Turkey, 6 - 08 September 2006, pp.53-58 Creative Commons License

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Bitkisel Üretimde Mikroorganizma Kullanımı

in: Tarım Bilimlerinde Yenilikçi Yaklaşımlar, Avan Meltem, Editor, IKSAD Ulslararası Yayınevi, Ankara, pp.83-121, 2023




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