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Institutional Information: Kâzım Karabekir Eğitim Fakültesi, Yabancı Diller Eğitimi, Ingiliz Dili Eğitimi Anabilim Dalı
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Dr. Geçikli's  major field  is Linguistics. Specifically, she focuses on discourse analysis and, on this basis, studies critical discourse analysis, cross-cultural studies, genre analysis and academic genre awareness/literacy, corpus linguistics and studies, Language for Specific /Academic Purposes (LSP/LAP) and English for Specific/Academic Purposes (ESP/EAP) . Besides, in recent years, she has started to focus on digital aspects, innovation and technology based issues in applied linguistics and linguistics applied; on this basis, the digital tools and softwares are among her major interest in the use of language management and operation in different areas including foreign language teaching. In her studies, she mainly follows multidisciplinary perspective and studies in collaboration with experts in other fields. 

Discourse analysis focuses on knowledge about language beyond the word, clause, phrase and sentence that is a need for successful communication. (Paltridge, 2006)

Genre analysis is the analysis of abstract, socially recognized ways of using language. (Hyland, 2004)

Corpus linguistics is the study of   large scale electronic text databases or corpora, allowing researchers to conduct systematic searches for linguistic features, patterns, and variations in spoken and written texts (Bawarshi and Reiff, 2010)

LSP/LAP-ESP/EAP - The main focus of Language for Specific/Academic Purposes is to present and analyze the specific versions of languages specialized for the academic and professional contexts. As for ESP/EAP,  English texts produced within academic and professional contexts by both native and non-native speakers of English are analyzed on the basis of rhetorical and linguistic aspects.

Applied linguistics is the academic field which connects knowledge about language to decision- making in the real world. Generally speaking, the role of applied linguists is to make insights drawn from areas of language study relevant to such decision-making. In this sense applied linguistics mediates between theory and practice. (Simpson, 2011)

Linguistics applied is related to the use of language in softwares for programming.


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