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Dr. Geçikli's  major field  is Linguistics. Specifically, she focuses on discourse analysis and, on this basis, studies critical discourse analysis, cross-cultural studies, genre analysis and academic genre awareness/literacy, corpus linguistics and studies, Language for Specific /Academic Purposes (LSP/LAP) and English for Specific/Academic Purposes(ESP/EAP). 

Discourse analysis focuses on knowledge about language beyond the word, clause, phrase and sentence that is a need for successful communication by looking at patterns of language across texts and considers the relationship between language and the social and cultural contexts in which it is used. (Paltridge, 2006)

Genre analysis is the analysis of abstract, socially recognized ways of using language. (Hyland, 2004)

Corpus linguistics is the study of   large scale electronic text databases or corpora, allowing researchers to conduct systematic searches for linguistic features, patterns, and variations in spoken and written texts (Bawarshi and Reiff, 2010)

LSP/LAP-ESP/EAP - The main focus of Language for Specific Purposes is to present and analyze the specific versions of languages specialized for the academic and professional contexts. 

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