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Bazı Doğal Bileşikler ve Benzentiyol ile Polifenol Oksidaz İnhibisyonu Yoluyla Enzimatik Kararmanın Önlenmesi

European Journal of Science and Technology, no.20, pp.723-727, 2020 (Other Refereed National Journals)

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In Situ Synthesized rGO Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanocomposites for Immobilization of Carbonic Anhydrase

11th International Conferenceon Protein Stabilisation, İstanbul, Turkey, 9 - 11 May 2016

In Vitro Antioxidant Profiles of Some Flavonoids

International Conference on Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences (ICANAS), Antalya, Turkey, 21 - 23 April 2016, vol.1726 identifier identifier